Sunday, June 17, 2007

Captains of Industry

In Thomas Carlyle's "Captains of Industry," it is easy to see that he does not like the way that industrialization has changed the way that business is done and would like to see it changed (483). He states, "To be a noble Master, among noble Workers, will again be the first ambition withe some few; to be a rich Master only the second. How the Inventive Genius of England, with the whirr of its bobbins and billy-rollers shoved somewhat into the backgrounds of of the brain, will contrive and devise, not cheaper produce exclusively, but fairer distribution of the produce at its present cheapness!" (483). It seems like Carlyle is disappointed in the way that Industrialization has changed how business acts and treats its workers. The mistreatment of workers was wide spread during this time. He, like many other writers of this period, did not like all the changes that were taken place in England. I believe that his hope was to open the eyes of the people who were more concerned with making a dollar to the realization that nothing could be achieved without workers. Although there was probably not much change that was felt write away from this writing, I believe that it was one of the first steps toward the steps that it took to get workers the rights they deserved.


Jonathan.Glance said...


Good quotation from Carlyle to discuss. Your discussion, though, seems to make the same point several different times, but doesn't dig much deeper or explore the topic question of the responsibilities of employers much. It would seem like an obvious opportunity to discuss work in our society.

Robert Adamson said...

i think that you chose a good qoute from "Captians of Industry" and you do a good job of showing Carlyle's great dislike for the industrialization of England. It was a time of great change and it is easy to see why the people back then would be apprehensive about it. There is no doubt that it has changed the way we live today and i think that arguments can be made on both sides of whether it has been positive or negative. Well done